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June 8-15th 

The Yoga Forest, San Marcos, Guatemala

Join Julianne, Jessie, and Jody in the heart of Guatemala and turn your world into a playground! Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Yoga Forest and stoke the flame of your divine play. Through daily journaling, meditation and asana practice, you’ll explore ways to reconnect with your inner child and discover true freedom of expression. Group workshops will encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and give you the opportunity to hold the space for one another, both physically and spiritually. Inspire wonder in your heart as we hike to the tops of volcanoes, trek to waterfalls, take part in Karma yoga service projects and breathe in this breathtaking country both on and off the mat. Come adventure boldly and ignite your play!

We’re proud to offer an all-inclusive package so that you can put both your phone and wallet away for the entirety of this experience and soak up every bit of magic that exists around you.

All inclusive price includes:

  • Accommodation for 7 nights

  • 3 Meals per day

  • All group activities/ excursions

  • Airport transportation

  • 2 yoga classes a day

  • 3 vegetarian meals a day

  • Hike to Volca San Pedro

  • Hike to Tzununa Waterfall

  • Ayurveda workshops

  • Thai Massage workshop

  • Acro Yoga workshop

  • Daily Meditation with Jody Potter

  • Daily Journaling

  • Karma Yoga Project - Planting Tul in Lake Atitlan

  • Inversion Workshop


The Woman You Love

Women, Wine & Wellness Retreat in Bordeaux, France 

October 1-6th, 2019 

The Woman You Love retreat, with Jessie, Jody, and Julianne is being held at Les Sources De Caudaliein Bordeaux, France from October 1-6th. We chose this location to host our women's wellness retreat for several reasons. It is a 5-star hotel surrounded by the Grand Cru vineyards and was "inspired by the 'French Paradox' - a study that proved how the French diet and lifestyle, particularly in SouthWest France, is conducive to good health - Les Sources de Caudalie is a genuine source of wellbeing." They are committed to working in harmony with the environment which is reflected in their restaurants, vinotherapy spa, the hotel grounds, and even in the architecture where the designer used recycled local materials to create the rustic, state of the art buildings. 


There are three restaurants we'll be dining at during our stay. La Grande Vigne is rated with 2 Michelin stars and we'll be eating dinner there one night. Another, La Table du Lavoir, is within an old washing house from the 1800s and serves unique, bistro style food with the finest seasonal ingredients. We'll have breakfast there daily, along with two dinners. Lastly, Rouge is a wine bar and fine grocery store where you can choose to eat there or take back to eat on your patio. Think tapas, olives, meats, cheese, salads, and wine :) 


We'll be doing yoga outside on a large terrace and also inside in the pool area which is an extremely beautiful space. 


The retreat includes: 

  • Daily Meditation

  • Daily yoga

  • Daily Women’s Circle

  • Wine Tasting & Tour

  • 4 Course Dinner at 2 Michelin Star Restaurant

  • Cooking Class

  • Bike Rides

  • Airport Transfer

  • 2 meals daily + 2 glasses of wine with dinner

  • 5 Nights Accommodations

* not included: airline tickets, extra wine, and spa treatments. Learning from prior retreat experience, we have found that 3 meals a day takes up too much time and doesn't leave enough time for fun exploration. Therefore, we've chosen to have a late breakfast and early dinner at this retreat. There is a small grocery store and tapas wine bar on site where you can buy bottles of wine and get snacks throughout the day if you wish.


We have two options for rooms, either the Comfort Room or the Prestige Room, which is slightly higher in price. You can refer to this link to learn more about the rooms. https://www.sources-caudalie.com/en/les-chambres/

  • The early bird price for a Comfort Room (available until May 1st) is $4600 for one room with 2 people. That would be $2300 per person. To reserve your spots, we require a $1,500 deposit per room. We only have 2out of 8 rooms left at this price. 

  • The early bird price for a Prestige Room (available until May 1st) is $5200 for one room with 2 people. That would be $2600 per person. To reserve your spots, we require a deposit of $1,500 per room. 

    • We can accommodate three women in a Prestige Room! If you'd like to bring two of your favorite women, it comes out to $1,882 per person.